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New travel restrictions will be in place for Kentuckians under an executive order announced by Governor Andy Beshear yesterday afternoon. The order instructs Kentucky residents not to travel across state lines except for the following reasons:

  • When required by employment
  • To obtain groceries, medicine, and other necessary supplies
  • To seek health care
  • To provide care for the elderly, minors, dependents, persons with disabilities, other vulnerable persons
  • To be in compliance with a court order

The order goes on to say that residents currently in other states for any reason not outlined in the above exceptions must self-quarantine for 14 days upon their return to Kentucky.

In a press conference yesterday, Governor Beshear said that other states are seeing more cases than Kentucky. “Right now we have more cases in other states,” the Governor said. “What it means is your likelihood of getting infected and potentially bringing back the Coronavirus may be greater in other states than ours. You need to be home anyways.”

Employees of essential or life-sustaining businesses are NOT required to posses or provide documentation stating they work for an essential or life-sustaining business. Law enforcement or other authorities are not requesting this information from individuals. There is no need to request documentation from your employer in Kentucky or Indiana for this purpose.

In a press statement, Indiana officials provided clarity on this issue here and here. Kentucky provided guidance here.

GLI will continue monitoring for additional guidance regarding this order for businesses operating in the greater Louisville region.

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