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In a letter to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, GLI joined a coalition of business and civic organizations stressing the need for legal liability protections for employers in the time of COVID-19.

As we Restart Kentucky, uncertainty remains, and businesses and organizations must follow new requirements never before implemented. Critical and essential businesses must continue to operate under new conditions, and those forced to close can now reopen but do so under considerable uncertainty. This reopening of our economy is critical to avoid lasting economic and health declines. Still, some businesses remain fearful that despite their compliance with new rules, they could face predatory claims that threaten their recovery. By no means are we asking for blanket immunity. Kentucky businesses and organizations doing everything in their power to keep employees, customers, and all Kentuckians safe must know that if they follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, as well as the Healthy at Work and local health department protocols, they have done the right thing and will be protected. During these times of uncertainty, we ask you to find ways to create some sense of certainty, allowing our businesses to operate with some assurances in place.

Read the full letter here.

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