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The Kentucky State Senate passed legislation that would establish an important layer of liability protections for businesses from COVID related lawsuits. This is critical to ensuring Kentucky’s economic recovery is not slowed down by a wave of frivolous lawsuits.

Senate Bill 5, sponsored by Senate President Robert Stivers, establishes “premises-based” protections for businesses that follow applicable public safety guidelines. Protections do not extend to businesses that willfully ignore public safety guidelines. The bill also provides liability cover for businesses that provide “essential services” during times of emergency.

GLI joined more than 30 other organizations throughout the state in advocating for Senate Bill 5 because of the importance of protecting our economic recovery and giving businesses certainty as the economy reopens. The bill passed the Senate 24-11 and now heads to the House. Indiana passed similar legislation last month. That bill has already been signed into law. You can be an advocate for Senate Bill 5 by sending a message to your state representative to let them know about your support.

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