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Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announced new COVID-19 restrictions, impacting businesses and schools throughout the Commonwealth. The new restrictions go into effect on November 20 and are set to expire on December 13.

Restaurants and Bars

  • Indoor dining and drinking are prohibited. Delivery and carryout are still allowed, as is outdoor dining as long as social distancing guidelines are followed.
  • In addition, the Governor announced $40 million in CARES Act funding to provide qualifying entities $10,000 in relief for various expenses, with a maximum award of $20,000 per business entity. Businesses with at least 50 percent of their sales via drive-through will not be eligible. To focus on locally owned businesses, publicly traded companies are not eligible to apply. Applications are scheduled to open Nov. 30 and close Dec. 18. Businesses will be required to remain in compliance with all public health orders. Applications will be processed in the order they are received, and funds will be awarded until they are exhausted. Additional details on where to apply will be forthcoming.

Social Gatherings

  • All indoor social gatherings are limited to a maximum of two (2) households and a maximum of eight (8) people.

Indoor Recreation Centers and Gyms

  • All are limited to 33 percent capacity, and individuals must wear face coverings – including while actively exercising.

Venues, Event Spaces, and Theaters

  • All indoor venues, event spaces, and theaters are limited to 25 percent capacity. This includes weddings and funerals but not places of worship.

Professional Services

  • All professional services and other office-based businesses must mandate that all employees who are able to work from home do so, and close their businesses to the public when possible. Any office that remains open must ensure that no more than 33% of employees are physically present in the office any given day.


  • All public and private schools (K -12) to cease in-person instruction
  • Middle and high schools will remain in remote or virtual instruction until at least Jan. 4, 2021.
  • Elementary schools may reopen for in-person instruction Dec. 7 if their county is not in the red zone and the school follows all Healthy at School guidance.

The full executive orders can be read here and here.

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