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Job Seeker Connection Program

Greater Louisville Inc has partnered with KentuckianaWorks to launch a Job Seeker Connection program. Our program supports workers who have lost their job or experienced a pay reduction due to COVID-19. Job seekers can share their contact information and key data such as their skill sets, preferred industries and willingness to participate in additional training. Our team will filter this data and connect recruiters to interested candidates.

What does this mean for job seekers?

  • Our Job Seeker Connection program provides affected workers immediate opportunities.
  • There are thousands of workers in greater Louisville who have lost employment as a result of COVID-19. While many employers will recall laid-off workers, many will not have the option to return to their former place of employment.
  • By participating and re-entering the workforce quickly, participants will be at an advantage, already having gainful employment when thousands of people begin the job search at the same time once unemployment benefits run out.
  • There are numerous opportunities available in stable industries. Many of these jobs do require specific certifications and training. Job seekers may not know that they qualify for these openings without the credentials, however most employers are willing to provide paid training. This program will open additional possibilities to advance your career in key sectors.

If you would like to participate as a job seeker enter your information here.

This program is an additional tool to connect you to opportunities but should not replace your job search. Please be aware that GLI cannot guarantee that employers will contact you or employment. Visit the KentuckianaWorks job board or the Live in Lou job board to start your search today.

What does this mean for employers?

  • With names of interested candidates, employers will be able to fill essential positions rapidly through strategic outreach.
  • Many displaced workers are receiving significant unemployment benefits. We have seen trends across the country indicating difficulty in filling openings and recalling workers. By bringing opportunities directly to job seekers, our connection program incentivizes workers to return to the labor market sooner, allowing us to restart our economy more seamlessly.
  • By utilizing our connections program employers can tap into new talent pools. We ask job seekers to indicate their industries of interest and willingness to gain new skills. Employers will receive names of interested potential candidates who may have never considered an opportunity at your company through a traditional job posting.
  • Our program allows employers to get ahead of the hiring rush and recruit eager job seekers prior to the widespread competition for top talent as the economy restarts.

If you are an employer who is interested in receiving contact information from job seekers please email GLI’s Director of Education and Workforce Connectivity, Jessie Schook.

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Jessie Schook

Director of Education & Workforce Connectivity

Jessie Schook is the Director of Education & Workforce Connectivity at Greater Louisville Inc., your Metro Chamber of Commerce.