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This week, Louisville Metro’s Department of Public Health and Wellness announced that the city would be increasing inspections of businesses to ensure compliance with state and local COVID-19 guidelines. These inspections coincide with significant increases in positive COVID-19 cases in Louisville, Kentucky, and Indiana as well as throughout the country.

GLI strongly encourages all businesses in our region (and individuals) to adhere to local and state guidelines and restrictions to fight the pandemic and protect public health.

To support businesses in complying with local and state guidelines, GLI gathered more information from the Department of Public Health and Wellness on their efforts to increase inspections and enforcement, which will also include a public list of businesses with violations. Read the details below.


The Department will be quadrupling compliance checks during the evenings, late nights, and weekends, focusing on peak operating hours for customer-forward establishments, though increased inspections may include all business types. Officials with the city have stated that inspectors may not announce themselves directly but may follow-up via email or by phone afterwards.

Inspections for other issues – such as, for example, school facility inspections and indoor air quality inspections – will now feature COVID assessments as well.

Department officials have informed GLI that efforts are being undertaken to ensure that inspections are distributed throughout the city and among different business types, but the focus will be on customer-facing establishments.

When the Department identifies any violations, that business will be notified and follow-up inspections will take place. In addition, the Department intends to publish a public list of businesses with one or more observed violations on their website. The list will include the date of the violation and will be updated regularly. Businesses will not receive a warning before their name is added to the public list but do have a right to contest citations by requesting a hearing. Instructions for challenging Corrective Orders and Violation will be listed in the Order of Correction. The Department also intends to publish a list of inspected businesses where no violations were found.

For questions or more information, reach out to Metro Public Health and Wellness.

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