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Workplace Reentry Essentials from Humana

While the personal implications of COVID-19 are undeniable, the pandemic has also disrupted nearly every aspect of global business operations. Now, as many companies consider returning to their normal — or “new normal” — work routines, creating a clear and compliant workplace reentry plan is a necessity. Some employers may already have a pandemic plan in place, which may require updates to account for COVID-19. For others, building a plan from the ground up is unfamiliar territory.

To better protect your employees — along with vendors, customers and other community members — Humana has created Workplace Reentry Essentials. Based on recommendations from the CDC, OSHA, SBA and more, this is your go-to resource to help you overcome the challenges and uncertainties of our current circumstances.

In this guide, you will find actionable, practical takeaways related to four key areas of your business:

1. People

2. Processes

3. Communication and remote work

4. Health considerations

As you go through each section, you will see useful checklists along with links to additional resources intended to make the transition back to work as safe as possible. Humana is here to help you and your team stay safe and continue to succeed as we navigate COVID-19 together.

View the full guide here.

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